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About Mulkiyet

PropTech in the real estate marketing and exhibition sector

Today, the real estate industry is doing digital marketing using 2D Google Map.

In fairs, contractors and marketers present their projects to their customers as models in a certain place periodically. It is quite inefficient in terms of travel costs and time, the perception of reality of the products and the city, period-based information sharing, sales and marketing.

The digital marketplace created with 3D world, buildings and housing models instead of real estate fair organization is starting a new era in fair organization and marketing.

This digital exhibition is modeled by Dr.Nihat Kandaloglu who have worked as an inspector in the real estate sector and Istanbul Land Registrgion Regional Manager, and has many studies and publications on real estate legislation and digital applications.

The digital fairground created for Istanbul will also be created for the other important cities of the world. It is aimed to create fairgrounds for each of the important cities of the world. At the Istanbul real estate fair, using artificial intelligence, Istanbul was divided into quality of life zones.

Customers will be able to perceive and evaluate the proximity of their projects to the Bosphorus, to Istanbul city center and understand quality of life areas within minutes by literally looking down on Istanbul. When they want to examine the project details, they will be able to choose the houses they want in a short time by making three-dimensional analyzes of price, floor, quality of life, landscape and so on, and they will be able to reach their goals by visiting the interiors of the houses in 3D and seeing their views.

In this fair, which is aimed for foreigners, a safe and functional environment is created for foreigners as all services such as citizenship, residence permit and rental, maintenance and repair of the house will be provided after sales.

Trust, accurate information, 24/7 access, easy access to information, perception, price accuracy, project realism, low service fees are the other functionalities of this virtual fair.

During the project, intensive meetings were held with construction company officials, marketing representatives and buyers and many deficiencies were eliminated.

Mulkiyet is starting a new era in real estate fairs and marketing with the first digital fair in the world.