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خدمات پس از فروش

پس از فروش ، اجاره ، مالیات ، عملیات تعمیر و نگهداری توسط شرکت ما انجام می شود

If it will be given to the tenant; preparation of the lease agreement, opening an account from the bank, handling of issues with the tenant

  • Providing electricity, water and natural gas subscription services.
  • In the event of hidden defects in the house, we will contact the sales company and ensure that these deficiencies are eliminated.

If the person is going to start the process of acquiring Turkish citizenship, it is necessary to complete these from start to finish.

  • Informing people about the inheritance law of the acquired immovable properties.
  • Converting multiple parcels adjacent to each other into one parcel if desired.

Other services we provide to our customers after sales are as follows:

  • Following up all tax transaction
  • Execution of maintenance, repair and repair expenses, dues expenses with the site
  • Practical in dealing with incoming complaints and problems related to the immovable property purchased offering solutions
  • Initiation of necessary procedures such as insurance and warranty
  • Questioning the needs of our customers at certain intervals after sales
  • By closely following the developments related to the sector and being open to innovations, we are committed to supporting the customer.
  • Ensuring coordination of teams for necessary needs such as installation and assembly
  • Helping the customer by learning their specific requirements

Pre-Sales Services

Our services before sales we provide to foreigners who want to buy property in our country are as follow:

  • Providing information about the real estate in question at the Land Registry Offices, the seller person or conduct research on companies to identify reliable companies.
  • Whether the immovable is registered with limited real rights before sales contracts are concluded,
  • Whether there is a mortgage or any other obstacle to its sale.
  • Checking with the Land Registry Office.
  • Examination of sales contracts, responsibilities of the parties to the contract to give information about.